BRead, the accessible book reader for symbian s60 phones!


BRead is now hosted on google code. Please go to for the newest releases.


BRead is a small program that you can use to read text files, like gutenberg books on your celphone. It is written in the python programming language, so you will nead the python interpreter as well as the python shell for symbian s60 to use it.

The python interpreter and the python shell can be found at the direct links section or at their sourceforge project page at:

BRead is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, which you can view online at:

Getting BRead

You can get BRead from the sourceforge project page or from the following direct links.

You can also check out the latest changes to the program in the Change Log.

The certificate problem with the software on 3rd devices like the n73 or n82 are now fixed.

Direct links to the python interpreter and script shell

The following are direct links to the python interpreter and python script shell:

2nd edition phones: python interpreter python script shell

3rd edition phones: python interpreter python script shell

Installing the program

To install it on your phone, do the following:

  1. Download python for s60 and install it on your phone. For second edition phones like the n70, it would be: PythonForS60_1_4_4_2ndEd.SIS For 3rd edition phones like the n82, it would be: PythonForS60_1_4_4_3rdEd.sis
  2. Download and install the python shell for your phone: for 2nd edition phones it would be:
    For 3rd edition phones it would be: PythonScriptShell_1_4_4_3rdEd.SIS
  3. Download the correct version of BRead for your phone from the links above, for a second edition phone like the 6670 or the n70 it would be the one that says "2nd edition", for 3rd edition phones like the n81 or n73 it would be the link that says "3rd edition".
  4. For each of the three .sis files, do the following after you have plugged in your phone:
    1. Enter on the file in windows explorer. If you have nokia pc suite installed, it would pop up a dialog that asks if you want to install the program. The yes and no buttons are unaccessible with the tab key, you will nead to use the jaws cursor or virtual mode or what ever it is called in your screen reader to click on the buttons.
    2. A dialog should pop up to inform you to follow the installation on your phone. Just close the dialog.
    3. Your phone should say something like "application is untrusted, and may have problems. Install only if you trust provider." or something like that. If you trust me, (which I hope you do), you can now press yes on your keypad.
    4. The phone should ask you now if you want to install the program. Just press yes again.
    5. A dialog should now cum up with a list. The first option is "install", just accept by pressing "OK".
    6. The next dialog on the phone should ask you where you want to put the program. You can either choose phone memory or memory card and press OK.
    7. The phone should work for a while with a cancel button on the screen and then it will tell you that the installation is compleate.
  5. To get books on your phone, convert them to plain text if they are not allready, and copy them with control+c.
  6. Go to my computer, and there you will find an icon called "nokia phone browser". Open it if your phone is still connected to your computer.
  7. Your phone should have an icon in that folder. Go into it, and then navigate to the place you want to paste the book.
  8. Now paste the book with control+v.
  9. Now you can finaly disconnect your phone from the computer and lonch BRead. It should open with some leagle text and some help text in the display window.
  10. If you choose open from the menu, it will open the browser in the drive list. Select the drive where your books are located, and navigate to it with the navigation button or the joystick. Pressing the navigation button or joystick right open a directory or file, and pressing it left gos to the parent directory.

Contacting me

If you have any queries or comments about BRead, please drop me an email at:
rpkruger (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net

BRead is an open source project, which meens that I don't ask any money for it. I wish to keep it that way. An author of a payed project can track the usefulness of his project by the number of people who buy his product, but an open source project isn't about money. So please, if you find BRead at all useful, please send me an email saying you like it or stating features you want in it. On this way, I can deturman if my project is at all useful to other blind geeks like myself.

Note that you have to delete the capital letters if you click on the sendmail link, or replace the punctuation marks in text with real punctuation marks like "@" for " (at) ".